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Ms. Selke

Art & Publication and Design 

Room: 254

At Grand Mountain, students assume the role of an artist working in a studio. Artists will develop their individual voices and advocate in their learning process through a variety of two and three-dimensional media in a choice-based classroom. Our Maverick artists will also venture through the world of art history to learn about various cultures from the Paleolithic period to the era of Contemporary art. 

Sixth grade artists explore the world of 2D and 3D art through color theory, one-point perspective, illustration, and symbolism. 

Seventh grade artists zero in on 2D art by exploring line, two and three-point perspective, value, and abstraction.

Eighth grade artists work exclusively with 3D materials including wire, soap, paper mache, and clay. 

Publication and Design

Seventh and Eighth grade students who take Publication and Design work on the Grand Mountain yearbook learning skills that involve: interviewing students, taking photos, writing captions and sometimes paragraphs. We learn online software through Lifetouch and also market and advertise it's sale. The yearbook is a student produced, 80 page book that brings memories back to all Grand Mountain students in future years.