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Rosalinda Hudson 
Literacy Coach
& Interventionist K-8

 Sharona Palacios

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I am Ashley Lee and I will be the English Language Learning (ELL) teacher for grades K through 8th here at Grand Mountain. I support our ELL students through small group instruction that focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Ashley Lee

ELL Coach

Room: 320


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I am Tara Archuletta and I am the Gifted and Talented Teacher for Kindergarten-5th Grade at Grand Mountain. This is my 19th year teaching in WSD3.  I will support our GRIT students through small group instruction where we will focus on Goals, Reasoning, Intelligence and our Talents.  Through this program, students will build a path that helps them develop their GRIT skills as they begin to understand their talents and use their deep thinking and creativity to take control of their learning. 


Tara Archuletta

Gifted and Talented Teacher

Room: 323