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Student device care, cleaning, and fee information. More info to come.

Device Care and Cleaning: 

  • CARE: Please ensure your students are using their devices as intended. Remember, there was an agreement form that was signed that holds families accountable for any damages.

  • CLEANING: To clean devices, please use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away dirt and debris. To wipe down more stubborn dirt/debris, use a damp (not soaking) cloth with WATER - only.  

  • Avoid using alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners on your devices, especially on the screen! These chemicals can damage the LCD screen and overall device. 

  • Never squirt any cleaner directly on any of the device areas. 

Fee Schedule: 

Widefield School District will soon publish a fee schedule for devices that have been damaged or are returned with missing items, i.e. power cords, dongles, power cubes, or missing keys. When students return damaged devices or missing items per the Student Device Parent Agreement, fines may be assessed. Here is the language used in that agreement:  

  • I understand that Widefield School District 3 reserves the right to charge me as the parent/guardian for any and all damages to technology resources under my care accrued while in the student’s possession, so long as the repairs are not a system or program malfunction.

  • In the event that technology resources are damaged while under my care, I understand that Widefield School District 3 will make best efforts to repair the damaged device.  I accept responsibility for the cost of repairs including and up to the cost or replacement value of the device.

Student Device Parent Agreement: 

Finally, if your student needs a device this semester, please let the teacher know, so your student can have a device assigned/checked out. Remember to sign a Student Device Parent Agreement before the device goes home with your student. 

All devices will be returned to the school at the end of the semester. You will receive notice of those return dates. 

Thank you,