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Elementary and junior high students alike have a chance to participate in our Summer Literacy Bingo, and have a chance to win a Kindle 7 Fire Tablet! Read and visit the link for more information! Happy reading!

This year has been quite a challenging year for us!  Despite the challenges, we have worked hard throughout the year to make progress in achieving our reading goals.  To help maintain the gains and avoid a slip in reading skills, we are asking students to participate in the Summer Reading program. For elementary students, the recommended time for each activity is at least 15 minutes per day.  Whereas Junior High students may spend more time due to the length of books that they may be reading.  View the Bingo activity sheet for June and July labeled Elementary and Junior High.  The sheet requires an adult’s initials for each activity completed.  Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd graders for the next school year are required to complete three or more “BINGO” rows.   Students returning as a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader for the next school year are required to complete four or more “BINGO” rows.  Junior High students are required to complete one or more “BINGO” rows.  The activity sheet will not be accepted if all requirements are not met.  Summer Bingo will be turned in on Friday, August 27, 2021.

There are many fun activities on each Bingo board.  Some learners may need more adult guidance such as: listening to them read, focusing on fluency and comprehension (asking questions during reading to help them understand the text), and other support when necessary.

Remember to turn in your activity sheet when we return to school in the fall.  Students who turn in completed sheets with “ALL” requirements will be eligible for a prize and a chance to win a grand prize of a Kindle 7 Fire Tablet.  There will be a grand prize for Elementary and one for Junior High.  

We have already made so many gains this school year; let’s continue through the summer.  Thank you for your participation and support in our program.


Rosalinda Hudson

Literacy Coach