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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
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Join us in appreciating our teachers during teacher appreciation week!

Dear GMS Families,


This week is staff/teacher appreciation week, May 4th – 8th.

In honor of this week I have some requests for this virtual event. All staff emails are listed on the GMS website under the STAFF heading.

Make them laugh Monday!

Send a school appropriate funny joke, meme, gif or picture to a staff member/teacher.

Totally Tuesday!

Send a picture from a school activity to a staff member/teacher.

Wear it Wednesday!

Show your GMS pride by wearing Maverick gear and send a picture to a staff member/teacher.

Thank you Thursday!

Write a thank you note to a staff member/teacher.

Finally Friday!

Finish by congratulating yourself and a staff member/teacher for a great inaugural year and all the work completed during distance learning.


Thank you!