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What (6th-8th) students can do when they are quarantined to stay on top of their assignments.

Virtual procedures for 6-8 students who must stay home due to quarantine:

When this happens you will receive communication and be told how long the absence will be in effect.

Students have received their devices which can be taken home if the parents have completed the device agreement shared previously, students know how to access their courses using the Learning Management System/LMS of the class and how to use conferences to join class to watch/listen in.

Students need to be regularly accessing their Schoology/Google Classroom LMS so they maintain familiarity with it.

A conference for the student to view/listen to the classroom will be open during class times, the chat feature will be closed.  When possible students should check in with their teacher(s).

If students are not able to finish all work while they are at home, they will get 2 days for everyday they are out to make-up any work.