Annual Notices

Some of the following annual notices, once clicked on, has a direct link to a document (those underlined below). If you are interested in any of the annual notices that do not have a direct link or download option, please contact the front office at (719) 391 - 3470 to receive a paper copy:

Annual FERPA Notice (privacy rights related to students’ educational records)

FERPA Compliance Guidelines for Teachers

Educational Rights of Children and Youth in Homeless Situations

Red Flag Days

Early and Half Day Release Times

Late Start/Early Release for Secondary

Inclement Weather Days

Notice Concerning Directory Information

Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment - PPRA (surveys, collection & use of information, physical exams)

School of Choice & Boundary Waiver Information

Search and Seizure: Drug Dog Sweeps of Widefield School Buildings/Property


Opt-Out-Personal Identifiable Directory Information

Opt-Out Form For Student Image Publishing (can print below)

Parent Opt-Out For Information to Military Recruiters (can print below)

Student use of the Internet and Electronic Communication Opt-Out Form (can print below)